Double Dutch Fries, Elliott Street

It’s fair to say that we’re only too happy to get behind anyone on a mission to expand the fried food horizons on our fair shores and Timothy van der Werff of Double Dutch Fries is a man with a crunchy cause. Dedicated to bringing Dutch-style hand-cut crispy, golden frites to the masses — having missed the taste of the real deal like they do in the Netherlands — you may have already seen the food truck out and about. But for fans needing a fix during the week, Double Dutch Fries has seen fit to acquire a more permanent post — a quaint container along Elliott Street where one simply needs to look for and join the snaking queue of punters all too ready to dip and devour the classic Dutch snack.

A staple on the streets of Holland, the moreish morsels are made to order, featuring fresh Agria potatoes hand cut using a speciality tool, twice fried for optimum tenderness and crispiness before being served up in a paper cone with a saucy dollop of mayo. On the menu, the Patat Oorlog — ‘patat’ is the Dutch word for fries — features the ridiculously yummy union of mayonnaise, satay sauce and a sprinkling of finely chopped red onions. The Patat Rotzooi comes with both tomato sauce and mayo while the Patat Met that comes topped with just mayonnaise, is one that has purists squealing in delight. Just ‘fry’ and stop us from a cone or two from this new outpost.

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday; 11am – 7pm.

Double Dutch Fries

Elliott Street


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