Deviate from your classic Eggs

We've stumbled on three enticing new ways to enjoy your eggs...

Our predilection with the common egg is fuelled by the never-ending options that this oozing liquid gold presents, yet whilst many enticing possibilities exist, it’s the classic folded, fried or perfectly poached that we exercise the most. Whilst there is nothing wrong with the aforementioned renditions, we highly recommend expanding your egg-cellent repertoire with these intriguing yet equally delicious egg-centric dishes.

Graved Eggs
What you’ll need – eggs, sugar, salt, chives

An intriguing take on the egg by curing raw egg yolks in sugar and salt similar to the Scandinavian way of making salmon gravlax. Separate egg yolks and put aside each in their own cup. In a casserole dish, mix equal parts salt and sugar to allow yolks to sit on top and be covered, and make pits in the mix. Carefully slide each yolk into the grooves, without touching. Cover the tops with salt and sugar mix, and set aside at room temperature for 75 mins. Once time is up, dig out the yolks and carefully brush off as much salt and sugar from the egg. Serve on top of toasted buttered sourdough bread with a sprinkling of chopped chives from the garden. The result should poached egg-esque, heightened with flavour with a firmer setting encasing the inner gooey yolk.

Paleo Egg McMuffin
What you’ll need – eggs, bacon, tomato, avocado, herbs

A healthy alternative the fast food staple, crack two eggs in separate bowls and pierce with a fork. Heat a splash of oil in the frying pan on a medium heat, and when it’s hot enough, place two round biscuit cutters in the middle of the pan and pour the egg into each one. On top, sprinkle salt and pepper and any herbs that you desire. Add 1/4 of a cup of water to the outside of egg moulds, turn heat on low and cover the pan with a lid. Cook the eggs for roughly three minutes or until done. Whilst the eggs are cooking, fry up some bacon, and slice some avocado and tomatoes. Remove eggs from moulds, place on a plate and assemble all the ingredients to make a mini sandwich.

Scotch Eggs
What you’ll need – eggs, 800 grams quality sausage meat, herbs, mustard, breadcrumbs

A solid favourite when straying away from your standard egg recipes, the Scotch egg is a stunner on the plate. Place eight eggs in a pot of cold water, bring to the boil and time 3-4 minutes. Remove eggs and put in a bowl of cold water. Once the eggs have cooled, peel off the shell. Mix sausage meat in a bowl with desired herbs, a pinch of nutmeg, a tablespoon of mustard and season well. Mix ingredients and divide into eight balls. Prepare three bowls, one with two whisked eggs, another with breadcrumbs and the last with flour. Flatten the meat mixture into ovals, roll the boiled eggs in flour and wrap around the ovals around the egg. Roll the meat wrapped egg again with flour, dip into the beaten egg followed by the breadcrumbs. In a deep fry pan, heat oil to 150 degrees Celsius, lower the eggs and cook for four minutes or until slightly browned, turning every so often. Drain on baking paper and serve with sliced toasted loaf.


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