Double shot long black with cream

Drink coffee like Denizen does, with our favourite Nespresso creations

Here at Denizen, there are few things that keep the team in check quite like a quality coffee — especially when deadlines are looming. Yet ‘quality coffee’ for one person may not be the same for another, and in the Denizen office, preferences couldn’t be further apart. There is, however, one thing that the team can agree on — there’s no better way to enjoy coffee than with Nespresso capsules. From a double-shot kick of energy in the morning to a light, evening affogato, this is how three members of the Denizen team take their cup of Joe.

Flat White:
At some point between the hours of 3pm and 5pm, you are likely to spot our resident Art Director, Fran King, nestling back into her seat with a creamy flat white in hand. Describing it as “the best thing for an afternoon pick-me-up,” she explains how a flat white with extra cream combines the necessary caffeine hit with a sweeter, more palatable taste to serve as an easier-to-drink afternoon option. “I usually choose a mid-strength capsule, like Nespresso’s Master Origin Costa Rica,” she explains, “because its enough to give me an extra boost of energy without keeping me too alert in the evening.” What’s more, the sweet, malty scents of the pod are sublime — divine aromatics which, according to Fran, “transport my mind away from my desk for a few moments.”

Flat White

Double-shot long black:
“I need a strong kick of caffeine to get me through the day,” divulges our Senior Editor, Margie Cooney, who explains that her trusted, morning go-to is a double shot long black with a splash of cream. Opting for a two-pod strong beverage instead of two coffees each morning, you’ll find Margie at the Nespresso machine at 9:00am like clockwork, preparing her Arpeggio capsule duo. “The Nespresso Arpeggio capsule has become my morning necessity,” she admits, “its intense strength is the only thing that gets my day started right.”

Renowned for his sweet tooth, it should come as no surprise that Denizen’s newest recruit, Junior Writer Albert Cho, prefers his coffee as a dessert. Often settling down with an early-evening affogato, Albert usually turns to a pod that’s low in caffeine, but rich in flavour. “Because I usually treat myself to an Affogato later in the day,” he explains, “I really don’t want something that will keep me up all night. Instead, I’ll go for something that focuses more on flavour, like the sweet and biscuity Volluto capsule.”




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