Coreano: Korean Meets Mexican

We find out what's next on the unrelenting emergence of culinary mash ups.

Apparently it was foolish of us to think that we might have exhausted either the barbecue trend or the proliferation of delicious market stalls as we discover yet another unlikely mélange of cuisines. Next on our list of must-try market pit stops is Coreano, a mash-up of Korean style barbecue meat and bona fide Mexican street food that has taken inspiration from both Korea’s hottest restaurant, Vatos, and the American food truck, Kogi, that proffers a similar style of Korean-Mexican delicacies.

Doing the rounds at marketplaces including Silo Park over summer, newcomer Coreano (meaning Korean in Spanish) is introducing punters to a whole new realm of fusion cuisine with mouth-watering tacos boasting the most tender of traditional barbecued Korean meats. With three different fillings to choose from, there’s the Galbi taco – a melt in your mouth, honey soy marinated beef short rib, the traditional spicy pork Jaeyook Bokum (JB), or the carnitas taco which comprises slow-braised Mexican pulled pork. Combined with either a sesame-soy slaw, Korean salsa roja, Mexican crema, red onion and coriander, Coreano’s delicious offerings have all the makings for a unique snack akin to the beloved taco.

Topping it all off with a serving of Coreano’s signature kimchi fries – french fries topped with grilled kimchi, carnitas, cheese, salsa roja and Mexican crema – you’re bound to be won over by this new style street food that’s no less made from scratch. Moving between the New Lynn, Henderson and Glenfield night markets as summer comes to a close, we suggest you track down these sizzling hot hybrid snacks.

Find out where they’ll be by visiting Coreano’s Facebook page here or follow them on Twitter.


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