Video: How to make the sophisticated Espresso Martini served at our Heroes gala

It’s been a good few months since our extravagant annual event in May, but like all quality parties, we’re still revelling in the memories of this year’s Denizen Heroes Gala. In particular, we’ve been mentally reliving the glorious bites and beverages served up on the exceptional night that was — so much so that we thought it high time to revisit one of our personal favourites. The Chivas Espresso Martini, crafted with the divinely smooth Chivas Regal Extra whisky, was a sure-fire crowd-pleaser thanks to its sumptuous mixture of rich depth and sweetness. Easy to make and even easier to drink, here we’ve written some guidelines on how to make your own at home.

45 ml of Chivas Regal Extra
20 ml of Kahlua
20 ml of Espresso
20 ml Simple Syrup (put equal parts sugar and water in a pan and heat until the sugar dissolves; leave to cool before using)

Combine all ingredients into a cocktail shaker before adding ice. Put the other half of the cocktail shaker back on top and give it a good tap to lock them together. Shake the contents well before giving the shaker a tap to remove the lid, place the strainer on and pour into a Martini glass. Garnish with three coffee beans.


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