5 of the best salty snacks to soak up your seasonal indulgence

As far as bar snacks go, it doesn’t typically take much to keep us happy. Give us something salty, fried and fast, and you’re more or less onto a winning formula. Every now and then, though, an afternoon beverage accompaniment comes along that blows our standard fries and tom sauce out of the water. On Chapel’s new menu, we’ve found five.

First, there are the Jalapeño and Potato Bites
A more carb-inclusive take on the jalapeño popper, these miraculous wee morsels see chunks of melted mozzarella hidden away in the middle of a pepper-laced potato tot. Delivered to the table piping hot with a house-made aioli, one serving will rarely suffice.

Then, there’s the Spicy Chicken Milk Bun
We’re not sure if it’s the sweet, doughy bread, the generously spiced chook or the Sriracha cucumber that send this one over the edge, but what we do know, is that it’s too good to share.

After that, you can’t go past the Porky Spare Ribs
A non-negotiable for any barbecue fan, these classic pork baby backs come in a puddle of smoky, sticky sauce and a sprinkling of sesame seeds. Partnered with a delicate pile of kumara crisps, if beer had a best friend — these would be it.

Or the Sesame Crusted Prawns
With the tails left on for easy handling, these crispy on the outside, juicy in the middle delights are accompanied by a sharp pickled ginger, wasabi mayo and a refreshing slaw.

And finally, what’s a Friday without Fried Chicken?
A classic bar snack beloved for its crispy, salty moreishness, Chapel’s take on fried chicken sees the bite-sized beauties dished up with toasted peanuts, Korean chilli and sesame. Asian-fusion at its finest.

Chapel Bar & Bistro

147 Ponsonby Road

(09) 360 4528




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