Cantabrians, this one’s for you — doughnuts well worth a drive

It seems that Banks Peninsula is harbouring some of the country's best doughnuts.

Akaroa is a truly unique place. A tranquil seaside settlement with French and British roots, lush rolling hills and grand colonial architecture; the place is a Tourism New Zealand ad waiting to happen. And that’s all fantastic. But what’s really luring us over to Banks Peninsula these days is the incredible doughnuts from Sweet and Savage being dished up from a gleaming airstream caravan right in the heart of the village.

Satisfying locals and tourists alike with the sweet and sticky treats, doughnuts don’t come much fresher than this with new batches handmade every morning. Sticking to a tried and true dough recipe then gussying the fried wonders up with a delectable assortment of toppings, the woman behind the wheel, Rachel Savage, humbly claims her creations to be “nothing fancy”, but the results and reviews beg to differ. Dripping in sweet glazes, frostings or fattened with custard, though the baker may draw from the basics, the doughnuts are anything but.

Available in the weekends and some week days, it’s best to follow Sweet and Savage’s whereabouts on Instagram or Facebook. A tasty excuse to visit the quaint seaside village, next time we’re down Christchurch ways, we’ll undoubtedly be making a day of it.

Sweet and Savage

Akaroa Village
Banks Peninsula



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