This brutally frank recipe book is simple, delicious food at its finest

There is a section, in Sarah Tuck’s new cookbook, called ‘Sad Arse Dinners For One’. A collection of easy meals for the solo diner which were designed for those days ‘when you can’t even be bothered to chew’, it’s a damn tasty looking line-up and a decent indication of what this new book is all about: good food that’s easy to make — regardless of whether you’re cooking for one or 10.

Coming Unstuck has been a labour of love for Tuck, a freelance food writer, blogger, stylist and photographer, which came about after she found herself suddenly very alone after her two sons left home, followed shortly after by their father. Completely unravelled by the shock, Tuck explains that it was her passion for food along with family, friends, yoga and a “bloody good psychologist” that got her through it. A productive way to confront such a tough time, the results, are nothing short of delicious.

It’s uncomplicated and unpretentious meals that you want to make. Covering it all from breakfast to cocktails, it ranges from the wholesome (tropical bircher muesli) to the hearty (slow-cooked beef cheeks with cauliflower purée) and hedonistic (stuff-this-shit chocolate mousse). Easy to follow and made using supermarket-stocked ingredients — no laborious trips to speciality shops needed here — Coming Unstuck is a kitchen staple.

Coming Unstuck is available now from Tuck’s website and all major bookshops nationwide.


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