Rosé season is still in bloom, and these are 6 of the best drops to extend the taste of summer

Rosé has a special place as the ultimate summer staple. This fruity and floral tipple is so much more than just a wine renowned for being pretty in pink. It has transmuted into a pop-culture icon that somehow embodies carefree glee, making it the holiday ‘drink of choice’. To stretch out our current summer freedoms as long as possible, Black Market is enticing us with the crème de la crème of the pink drink. We pick our 5 favourites from their generous wine list, which you can raise a glass to, in celebration of NZ Rosé Day on Wednesday, 5th of February.

AIX Provence Rosé 2018
Not only is this French Provence origin rosé the perfect summer beverage, but also its acidic and citrusy freshness balances the ripe fruitiness so typical of most rosé. That balance creates the AIX Provence Rosé 2018 as a year-round wine, suitable for any occasion. While the dryness makes it compatible with most cuisines, it undoubtedly shines brightest when paired with raw or cooked seafood, or rich and creamy cheeses, especially those made from goats’ milk.

Three Miners Rocker Box Central Otago Pinot Noir Rosé 2019
There’s good reason that the Champion Rosé at last year’s New Zealand International Wine Show (NZIWS) was awarded to the medium-dry Three Miners Rocker Box Central Otago Pinot Noir Rosé 2019. The longer this rosé lingers on the palate, the more the fruity flavours of strawberry, raspberry, peach and nectarine transcend into the subtle floral notes of delicate rose petals, tinged with a subtle cinnamon aroma. It works beautifully with lighter food pairings, complementing summer salads, and bringing nuance to a simple spaghetti Aglio e olio.

By.Ott Côtes De Provence Rosé 2018
From a first glance at the delicate hue of light peachy-pink, it’s clear that By.Ott Côtes De Provence Rosé 2018 is soft, deliciously fresh, and different. It’s a rosé that highlights the tangy and acidic yellow fruits, along with pear and a light kiss of vanilla, rather the citrusy berries expected of most rosé. And then there’s the added subtlety of menthol, which further enhances the freshness. No wonder it’s said of this rosé that it’s perfect on its own.

Waiana Estate ‘Indian Summer’ Rosé 2019
Blending pinot gris, viognier, cinsault and merlot, this lively bottle transports the connoisseur to a sunny seaside escape. Perhaps it’s because the Waiana Estate ‘Indian Summer’ Rosé 2019 somehow captures a balance between its two contrasting aspects, and this equality between fruity sweetness and acidity makes way for a delightful flavour mix, thanks also to the subtle notes of summery watermelon. It pairs up perfectly with light and fresh summer delicacies such as seasonal vegetable tarts, whose buttery pastry counteracts the natural and earthy flavours of this robust rosé.

Amisfield Central Otago Pinot Noir Rosé 2019
Fun-filled and fruitiness are the first words that come to mind after taking the first sip of the organic Amisfield Central Otago Pinot Noir Rosé 2019. The bright cherry-red hue reflects the vibrant flavours of strawberries, watermelon, pomegranate and lychee. When the rosé first hits the palate, you’ll pick up on the sweet notes of opulent berries and this will quickly balance into a creamy oakiness as it leads to a dry finish. We suggest you pair this glass with some salmon — a fish that embodies a similar combination of richness and freshness, yet is undoubtedly delicious.

Delta Marlborough Rosé 2019
Boasting a balance in freshness, floral aromas and notes of citrus, the Delta Malborough Rosé 2019 is an approachable wine that finds a way to cater towards anyone’s palate. The dryness combined with the tart fruitiness seems to imitate similar characters to a crunchy apple, meanwhile, the sweetness is enhanced by subtle hints of delicious strawberry. Due to its long-lasting and dry finish, it’s recommended that you pair this drop with delicacies with potent flavours, such as a spicy Thai green curry to refresh the palate following each sip and vice versa.



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