The 10 most appropriate places to indulge in the beloved Aperol Spritz

The Italian aperitif is one of simple and majestic beauty. One part Aperol, two parts Prosecco, a whole lot of ice and a sliver of orange — what defines the Spritz is where you drink it, which is why we’re bringing you the best places to indulge in the quintessential Italian cocktail. Come 5 o’clock, you’ll know where to go.

1. Annabel’s
One of the only three cocktails at this osteria-like address in Ponsonby’s Three Lamps, the only warning you need to heed is to get there early in order to secure yourself a seat.

2. Amano
With a bar ambient enough to convince the daydreamers they’re in SoHo, not downtown Auckland, assuming a position in this sea of sophistication will see you immersed in the best of the big city bustle.

3. Augustus Bistro
This grande dame of the Auckland hospitality scene offers a plant-filled terrace that’s perfect for swilling Spritz after Spritz. Seriously though — we dare you to stop at one.

4. Barulho
Specialising in aperitivo, evening cocktails and delicious European fare, this Faraday Street gem is the perfect spot for a convivial streetside catchup amongst friends.

Ponsonby Road’s most ‘Spritz’able spot is easily this Italian-inspired stalwart. Bonus points for soaking them up on the footpath out front whilst observing the foot traffic.

6. Euro
Assuage a tense workday with a Spritz in hand and a salty sea breeze to gently blow out any cobwebs. You’ll definitely want to chase it up with some of their delightful fare.

7. The Oyster Inn
It’s not surprising that this Oneroa stalwart is the king of the island cocktail scene. It’s like being in Capri, but with better parking. A table on the balcony is your best friend for enjoying said libation.

8. The Deck at Ostro
Well, it’s probably the best after-work scene in downtown Auckland, isn’t it? It would be rude not to head here for a few of the cocktails in subject.

9. Odettes Eatery
There’s little that beats this breezy outdoor setting at City Works Depot, ideal for swilling delicious drinks over some of the menu’s smaller items.

10. Tantalus Estate
So long as you’re prepared to travel further abreast, you’ll be well rewarded with this Tuscan-inspired setting (yes, it turns out that New Zealand’s resemblance to Italy is uncanny). When the sun is shining, our tenth and final pick will be hard to beat.


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