Celebrate International Pi Day with our guide on where to find the best slice of pie in Auckland

Pi is the most studied number in the world of mathematics and also one of the most loved treats in the world of desserts. The first three digits of Pi — 3.14 have turned the 14th of March (today) into a day of celebration where we all raise our forks to some good ol’ pie. Whether you’re a math geek or not, the enjoyment gained from tucking into a humble slice of pie is universal, so we decided to round up where to find the best in Auckland.

Sugar pie from Depot
You’d be surprised at how far you can go with only three ingredients — brown sugar, cream and eggs, but it’s the simplicity of this sugar pie that has made it an iconic dessert in Auckland. The pie filling is creamy, silky and smooth with wholesome flavours of simple sweetness. The velvety texture is contrasted with the biscuity and buttery short pastry base. It’s served with a generous spoonful of freshly whipped cream to elevate the pie’s richness without adding unnecessary complexity to the slice.

Salted caramel apple pie from The Culpeper
The apple pie is a classic that is done justice by The Culpeper. In fact, this restaurant steps it up a notch with the added ingredient of salted caramel. The flaky puff pastry is lined with a thick layer of decadent salted caramel with the salt enhancing the buttery flavours of the pastry base. The apple filling consists of thick slices of apples that have been infused with sugar and cinnamon, caramelised to the point of being slightly soft but still with a bit of bite. The pie is served warm, with a scoop of ice cream — you choose the flavour.

Coffee Pen Banoffee Pie and Pie Piper Rocky Road Pie

Banoffee pie from Coffee Pen
This pie flavour originated in the UK, and there’s a reason why it has taken over the world. The combination of banana and toffee caramel is a match made in heaven, and Coffee Pen in Eden Terrace has mastered the art of banoffee. The base of the pie is made from crushed ginger biscuits that have been melded together with butter. The toffee caramel filling adds decadence to the spiced base, and the slices of banana are always at the ideal level of ripeness to be fresh yet still add a touch of sweetness. The pie is topped with a light, freshly whipped cream and sprinkled with chocolate flakes to up the indulgence.

Lemon meringue pie from The Fed
If you’re really wanting to go to town with the pies, we suggest you head to The Fed and opt for the three-way sharing board. From the chocolate cherry to the banoffee with caramel popcorn, all the pies on offer never fail to impress but it’s the lemon meringue pie that is the true standout. The former Executive Chef of The Fed, Kyle Street, adapted his mother’s so-called “foolproof” recipe and it’s true that this pie can do no wrong. The lemon curd filling is zesty and sweet and topped with a fluffy torched meringue to lend nostalgic flavours of toasted marshmallows.

Pecan Pie from Gourmet Gannet and Depot’s Sugar Pie

Pecan pie from Gourmet Gannet
Situated in Hobsonville, Gourmet Gannet is whipping up one of the best pecan pies we have ever tasted. The base of the pie boasts a crunchy, biscuity texture to enhance the crunchy pecan nuts that are packed within the filling. The centre of the pie is a concoction of golden syrup, butter and sugar which results in a deep, browned butterscotch flavour, only enhanced by the nutty aromas of the pecans. Although some could argue that Hobsonville is a bit of a drive just for a slice of pie, we promise you it will be worth it.

Rocky road pie from The Pie Piper
For those seeking the richest and most indulgent slice of pie, the rocky road pie from The Pie Piper is the one for you. From the base to the filling, The Pie Piper doesn’t hold back when it comes to delivering decadence. The deep dish begins with a layer of crushed Oreo cookies for the base, while the filling consists of premium grade Callebaut dark chocolate mixed with with chunks of sweet white chocolate, caramel and crunchy candied almonds. The pie is finally topped with house-made marshmallow fluff and more white chocolate chips and nuts to perfect the rocky road texture we all know and love.



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