One of our favourite Ponsonby restaurants now has a dedicated takeaway outpost

We’re not sure if you’ve caught on yet, but we’re pretty obsessed with the Auckland Fish Market and its glorious medley of fresh, premium seafood. Since it arrived on the scene just over a month ago, we’ve become acquainted with the Southeast Asian delights at Tiki Thai and the deliciously memorable oysters at Billypot, the fresh flavours served up at Ika Bowl and the hunger-busting pizzas from Super Pizza. In fact, we didn’t think the culinary hub could get any better. That was, at least, until we discovered the newest installation: a smaller, handier, takeaway variation of beloved Ponsonby restaurant Azabu.

Serving up a taste of its highly lauded, Japanese-Peruvian inspired fare to customers on-the-go, Azabu’s new outpost makes the perfect spot for a quick lunchtime grab and go. The offerings comprise some of the restaurants most crowd-pleasing morsels, refreshing salads are prime for the taking while trays of sublime sushi are available in abundance — all perfectly crafted, fresh as their restaurant counterparts and ready to be picked up and carried off immediately.

Flavoursome, delightful food with none of the wait, Azabu’s to-go outpost is quickly becoming our new lunchtime pitstop (as if we needed another reason to flock to Wynyard Quarter). It seems the Auckland Fish Market is the gift that keeps on giving.

Auckland Fish Market

22 Jellicoe St
Freemans Bay


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