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Auckland’s most Instagram-able food & drink

Get you cameras ready — we round up the city's most Instagram-worthy fare.

Let’s start with &Sushi. It only took a stop into their recently opened City Works Depot outpost to remind ourselves that an artful plate of sushi must be one of the most photogenic foods of all time (see also: Cocoro’s sashimi platter and Ebisu’s mixed sushi edition). The outlandish monster shakes from Dominion Road’s Cereal Killa cafe on the other hand, inevitably get good traction (as do the ones from Burger BurgerPeel to Pip and Al’s Deli), even if they cause coronary anxiety to look at. And if we’re on the subject of things that we can suck down, Bedford Soda & Liquor‘s phenomenal Hawaiian Time cocktail has proven time after time to be a mega ‘like’ magnet — the bright blue orb of a beverage comprises Blue Bacardi, fresh pineapple, lime, raspberry, blackberry, blueberry and edible flowers that comes under the category of ‘fanciful creations’.

New to the world of the Instagram-worthy are the likes of the too-pretty-to-eat Pistachio Parfait from Gemmayze Street where Head Chef Samir Allen has forged a pastel green parfait that is the baklava-inspired dessert with caramelised filo pastry topped with rose-flavoured floss and freeze-dried raspberries. Also, the dessert burger from Corner Burger is a slightly more haphazard beauty that delivers on novelty factor. To continue on a sweet vein, the cult-status jam doughnuts from Little & Friday are always met with (the) applause (emoji) when enshrined on the social media platform. Arguably the most prevalent sweet treat on the Auckland dessert scene, however, has to be ANYTHING from the creative gelato genius, Giapo. That said, The Dairy’s ice cream sandwich is no slouch either.

Weighing in from the savoury side of things are the black burgers from Fokker Bros (see here for a full run down) are not known to be camera shy while the iconic corndogs on a stick have to be The Culpeper‘s most Instagram famous dish to date. The breakfast burger from Ceremony is basically our very own version of the same cult dish from LA breakfast eatery Eggslut‘s the while epic savoury platters from the likes of Ransom Wines, Baduzzi and Cable Bay have us pausing for photography before ploughing in.

Finally, we get to the breakfast realm with almost every single item from Dear Jervois and Major Sprout‘s menu — particularly their acai bowls — inevitably making it onto the weekend ‘gram feed. A few contenders have the brand new Ellerslie eatery Marua Road Cafe‘s poached pear topped muesli or Rosebank Coffee & Kitchen‘s impeccable French toast. Top that off with a landslide of cupcakes from Bluebells Cakery or Petal and your curation of beautifully captured edible items should surely rival some of the best food blogs out there.


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