Citizen Park

Auckland’s best loaded fries

With crispy spud sticks locked and ‘loaded’, ready to be doused in all manner of delightful toppings — from classic gravy to lashings of kimchi cheese — we hereby declare this the only list you need to get your loaded fries fix in Auckland. You’re welcome.

1. Kimchi Fries from Coreano
This Korean homage to poutine from one of our favourite street food vendors features French fries topped with an epic combination of slow-braised pulled pork, Korean-style salsa roja, sautéed kimchi cheese and the all necessary drizzle of sour cream, followed by a sprinkling of red onion and coriander.

2. Montreal Poutine from Federal Deli
A favourite amongst poutine purists, the fries here are suitably topped with house pastrami then doused in cheese curds and gravy just like they do at Jewish delicatessens in the Big Apple. You’d be wise to BYO sleeping bag in preparation for a carb-induced comma that will likely ensue.

3. Patat Oorlog from Double Dutch Fries
Dubbed the fries specialists entrusted with the task of bringing authentic Dutch fries to our fair shores, the hand-cut fries here have been treated with the utmost care before being topped with creamy mayonnaise, tangy satay sauce and finely chopped onions for garnish.

4. Burnt Ends Poutine at Citizen Park
This Kingsland locale pays homage to the classic fries and gravy with a version made better by slow-smoked brisket, liquid cheese and meat gravy.

5. Epic Fries at Better Burger
Living up to their name, we would gladly dive into a pile of these spuds doused in melted cheese, special sauce, caramelised onion and mustard.



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