The best restaurants in Auckland for dining solo

There’s an art to dining solo, one that many of us are not particularly au fait with. Requiring a certain level of confidence and a calm sense of ease with your own company, there are some Auckland restaurants whose tucked away corners or approachable chefs bars mean they are kinder to solo diners than most.

Chop Chop
A quick lunch is a great way to ease into the world of solo dining and there are few places better suited than this Ponsonby Central noodle house. Perch up along the bar for a bowl of crispy fried chicken ramen and rejoice in the alone time.

Seats line one of the cooking stations at this favoured Ponsonby Road eatery, allowing diners to watch on as skilled chefs artfully cut and create beautiful Japanese-Peruvian dishes. Really, a dining companion would only be a distraction.

The Blue Breeze Inn
With tiki mugs, an elaborate use of floral decor, abundance of bar seating and generally convivial atmosphere, this beloved eatery is the perfect place for a meal in solitude.

With its vast stretches of bar, either kitchen or cocktail side, it is here that you can inconspicuously settle in for a gratifying taste of Amano’s wholesome fare.

Nestled amongst SKYCITY’s bustling hotels and hospitality, it is here that you’ll be in good company dining solo. International visitors and locals alike can be found lining the bar, alone and with iPads in tow.

Simon Gault’s Viaduct restaurant is perfectly allocated for the lone diner. With bar seating running along one whole side of the open kitchen, you won’t be short of entertainment.

More suitable to the ‘advanced’ singular diner, the chef’s bar at Pasture is an engaging way to spend an evening. A three-hour degustation demonstrating the team’s inspiring culinary prowess, all you need to do is sit back and enjoy.



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