We may have just found Auckland’s ultimate omelette

A little while ago, there was a flurry of internet activity as Gordon Ramsay released a video demonstrating how to make the perfect scrambled eggs. A meticulous process of frantically stirring cold eggs and an unholy amount of butter over the heat, we tried the cussing cook’s method… and failed. Deciding the only way to actually enjoy a next-level egg experience was to rely on the professionals, we scoured the city and finally uncovered the ultimate omelette at Atomic Kingsland.

A world away from the Julia Child-favoured folding method (that too often results in an indecipherable egg/cheese/spinach puddle), Atomic’s open-faced omelette is a healthy, satisfying breakfast or brunch. Its success really begins with the eggs. Well-seasoned then whisked into submission, the puffy protein base is delightfully light, yet rich in flavour. Setting the stage for a bed of seasonal greens, it’s adorned with asparagus, ricotta, crisp salad and parmesan, then finished off with a restrained squeeze of fresh lemon. The kind of breakfast that you’d be hard-pressed to recreate at home, it deserves to be enjoyed with a strong coffee and good friends. Just one of Atomic Kingsland’s new spring menu additions, if you’re after a truly brilliant omelette — this is it.

Atomic Kingsland

420c New North Road

0800 286 642



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