Transform the summer staple Aperol Spritz cocktail into the ultimate icy treat with this recipe

If you thought the Aperol Spritz couldn’t get more refreshing, we suggest you try this recipe that takes the cocktail from summer delight, to simply sensational. The ice block, a treat for hot days that we’ve all enjoyed since childhood, holds fond and fun-filled memories for many of us. Now it’s being given a modern and mature twist in the Aperol version, where nostalgia meets sophisticated cool.

For approximately 12 ice blocks
– 200mL Aperol
– 300mL prosecco
– 120mL soda water
– 100mL sugar syrup, room temperature (equal parts of white sugar dissolved in boiling water)
– 2 oranges
An ice block mould tray

1) Peel the oranges. Slice each orange into eight parts. Place a slice into the base of each ice block mould.
2) In a large carafe, mix together the Aperol, prosecco, soda water and sugar syrup and fill each ice block mould.
3) Freeze for at least four hours. Remove from the mould to serve. If the ice blocks don’t slide out of the moulds effortlessly, place the mould under warm water, but don’t let the water touch the ice block itself.


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