Southland lamb meatballs with preserved lemon, kale and parmesan

These juicy lamb morsels are what you should be eating right now

After being resurrected late last year, Herne Bay’s dining institution, Andiamo, has risen again to become a restaurant known for excellence in food, service and ambience. Offering a line-up of delicious Italian dishes, on its menu you’ll find the likes of carbonara pasta, arancini balls, whole baked eggplants and our favourite dish of the moment, Southland meatballs.

Comprising three compact balls sitting on a bed of preserved lemon and butter sauce, the lamb is a study in beautifully balanced flavours and is sourced from the Southland region — where the conditions and environment are ideal for rearing high-quality meat. Each juicy morsel is packed with aromatic herbs to lend it freshness along with strong punches of garlic to add more depth to the bed of rich sauce. Although the butter sauce is decadent, the added element of preserved lemon makes the dish oh-so moreish and you can bet that you’ll revert to using your fingers to ensure get every last drop.

To make the most of the heavenly sauce (and if you’d rather not get your fingers involved) Andiamo also offers the option of adding a serving of pasta to the meatball dish to soak up all the delicious, herbaceous flavours. As a final touch, crispy fried kale and parmesan are used to garnish the morsels, adding an earthy quality and resulting in the cheese melting over the top of the meatballs, finishing off the dish in the best possible way.


194 Jervois Road
Herne Bay



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