Amano Bakery

Britomart's newest vendor is a modern spin on a classic bakery.

When you’re working in the city, ‘the struggle is real’ when it comes to commuting to the office. Sometimes, important morning rituals are forgone — breakfast, or worse, coffee — in a bid to beat traffic. Often, we’re even forced to go without. However, our most recent discovery is set to solve all our morning and daytime woes. Introducing Amano, the latest Britomart instalment from Hip Group.

At the heart of this new operation is an onsite bakery that celebrates the diversity of baking traditions from around the world. A large glistening mother of pearl counter (the work of Jack McKinney of McKinney & Windeatt Architects) holds a glass cabinet brimming with artisanal creations. On-the-go breakfast options include croque monsieurs, savoury buns, and ‘breakfast slices’ where swiss chard, provolone and egg sit atop a perfectly light Turkish pide. Those with a sweet tooth can indulge in the bounty of classic French and Italian pastries; personally, we can’t think of a better start to the day than a Maritozzi (flaky choux pastry filled with vanilla bean custard, almond and almond flakes).

However, the real coup that will no doubt see us returning daily is the ‘breakfast station’. Here you’ll find three varieties of porridge: steel cut with winter fruit, mushroom porridge with soft egg and Parmigiano-Reggiano, and baked ricotta and poached fruit. Or, if porridge doesn’t float your boat, you can get toasting with a selection of sliced homemade breads — wheat free, five grain, campagne, brioche, or sprouted rye. The range of elevated toppings includes macadamia crush with cultured butter or house-made ricotta with honey and walnut. For something more substantial, dishes such as the mushrooms with balsamic garlic and soft egg or olive oil poached trevally with salsa verde and creme fraiche are all delectable options, neatly packaged to take to work. With offerings that will evolve over the course of the day, items like meatball sandwiches and pizza-by-the-slice will start to appear as office workers descend from the surrounding buildings come noon.

Finally, we must make special mention of the coffee options available to suit the most fussy drinkers. House made macadamia nut milk prepared the traditional way, or fresh buffalo milk delivered straight from the farm are destined to take your flat white preferences to a whole new sophisticated level, served from large bi-folding doors where passers-by can grab and go.

Putting an end to lacklustre eating routines, this modern, elevated bakery is here to save the day by satisfying hungry bellies with artisanal delights.


68 Tyler Street

(09) 215 7434


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