A cracking snack

These crunchy snacks will have even the most diet-conscious amongst us hooked.

A recent series of fortunate events has had us happen upon some highly addictive snacks from a local lover of pork. Hand cut then baked until perfectly crisp, Libby’s Pork Crack fills the void for savoury nibbling that complements diets of both the paleo and primal persuasion. Made from New Zealand free range pork rind, these mouth-watering morsels deliver a healthy dose of protein and fat on the go.

It’s fair to say in this instance, that once you start, you won’t stop, unless of course one crunch too many means you end up sacrificing a back molar. With the decidedly moreish delicacies available in three equally delectable flavours, including Moroccan Spiced, Hot & Spicy and Au Naturel, delivered directly to your doorstep, those after a carb-free yet utterly satisfying bite will no doubt be gratified by these delicious swine offerings.

Libby's Free Range Pork Crack




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