5 kitchen tools you didn’t know you needed

Making it our mission to ensure all culinary tasks call for as little effort as possible without sacrificing on wow-factor, we’ve rounded up a quintet of kitchen and dining table allies that you may not yet have met, but you henceforth will be unable to live without.

1. The Pineapple Corer and Cutter
While many have been quick to dub this a novelty rather than a necessity, if you’d like to avoid the juicy mess that often ensues when pineapple cutting, there really is no better tool. Working like a corkscrew, with its assistance you will core, peel and slice like a boss all while retaining the juice in the pineapple and minimising wastage. Buy here.

2. The Olive Stoner
While well worth the effort, de-stoning olives can be fiddly and time-consuming. Sure to get the job done while keeping hand fatigue to a minimum, the olive stoner (that also doubles as a cherry pitter) won’t bruise, deform, waste or make a mess so you’ll be ready to get on with baking, canning, freezing or, quite simply, eating. Buy here.

3. The Gourmet Herb Mill
Equipping one with the ability to quickly mince large quantities of fresh herbs for flavourful salad dressings, sauces and of course, the final flurry of freshness to be sprinkled just before serving, the herb mill will do the job with just a few turns of a handle doing away with the dull blades that all too often bruise rather than cut the delicate leaves and stalks. Buy here.

4. The Egg Topper
Whether you’re serving soft boiled eggs in their shells or simply wanting to ensure the shell stays intact (ready to hold truffle or vanilla infused custards elegantly served in an egg shell) this sleek tool will cleanly crack off the top. Simply place the topper on your boiled egg, pull the handle up, then release — the spring-loaded mechanism causes just enough vibration for the sharp blade to cut through the shell. Buy here.

5. The Nutmeg Mill
Known to be a secret ingredient toted around by some of the best in the industry, the nutmeg is a beloved spice that easily elevates everything from sauces, pie fillings to eggnog and hot chocolate. Ideally kept whole and freshly grated when needed, rather than getting out the grater for a hint, the small metal prongs of this specialty mill will hold and store your nutmeg, just rotate for a shave of airy flakes. Buy here.

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