Guerilla Geill
Rolling Pin
Temaki Truck
Puha & Pakeha
Very Good Dumplings
Very Good Dumplings
Ben & Jerry's

2016’s best food trucks worth chasing down

Guerrilla Grill

Cheese toasties with a gourmet edge, served off the back of an old-school Land Rover? Oh yes please.

The Rolling Pin
Traditional dumplings served classic, gluten free or vegan, these delicious little parcels come in sets of eight for only $10. Teamed with a fresh Asian salad for an element of crunch, it’s pre-packed perfection.

Temaki Truck
Though food trends will come and go, sushi is one of our forever favourites. Putting a spin on our beloved raw fish dish, the sushi cones from the Temaki Truck are a delectable adaptation.

Puha and Pakeha
Maori kai with a modern twist, if you haven’t tried this culinary caravan’s hangi-cooked pulled pork, mate, you haven’t lived.

Very Good Dumplings
To be honest, everything you need to know about this rolling restaurant is there in the title. They do dumplings, and they’re very good. What more reason do you need to feed?

If your diet is more healthy than hedonistic, these mobile smoothie makers are the ones for you. Blitzing up vitamin-filled concoctions alongside raw treats, Rawe’s menu is 100% plant-based, organic and dairy-, gluten- and refined sugar-free.

Ben & Jerry’s
Hot beach days at Takapuna beach just got a whole lot sweeter with Ben & Jerry’s customised Airstream parking up at the Channel View Road car park, for the length of summer. The Scoop Truck will be serving up their world-famous chunky icecream’s from 11am – 9pm every day.


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