How to wash your pricey panties

For such tiny wee things, luxe lingerie wields a curious amount of power — best handle it with care.

With the ability to take us from plain to phoar with just a lick of silk, fine lingerie is a magnificent thing. An epic tool in our quest for self and sexual confidence, it deserves to be treated with the utmost respect, especially when it comes to washing. And because your delicates are just that — delicate — there’s no other way to freshen them up than by hand.

To launder your bras and bits, begin by filling a tub with cold water (to avoid shrinkage) and mix in some mild detergent. While you can buy lingerie-specific laundry powders, we’re of the opinion that so long as you use a gentle formula, you needn’t splash the extra cash. Next, after separating your intimates into colours, plunge them into the soapy mix and rather than rubbing, gently swish them about. Once sufficiently soaked, rinse in fresh cold water then lightly squeeze (don’t ring) out the excess.

Now all spick and span, don’t even think about tossing them in for a tumble, instead, dry your smalls by laying them flat on a towel, out of direct sunlight and you’ll be sure to avoid a misshapen mishap. But what, you ask, of those truly time-pressed occasions when the cab’s on its way, and you just don’t have time for natural evaporation? Two words dear friends: salad spinner.


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