A guide to attending the races

With the season of thundering hooves upon us, ensure you get the most out of your day stationed track-side. Adhere to our deft guide that promises to see you leave the day as triumphant as the fillies on the field.

1. Betting 101
Because bets don’t win themselves. If you’re committed to making race day financially fruitful, you’ll need to do your homework, taking the time to research the winning history of the horses in the field. Then, when it comes placing your bet, opt for a trifecta. Aim to select two horses that have had a previously successful history of wins, along with one random outsider. For novices we suggest placing a box trifecta which allows for each of your chosen horses to place in any order — first, second or third. You can thank us later…

2. The Sun Smarts
SPF goes without saying, but if your headpiece is more fascinating than protective, we advise retreating to a shady spot under a marquee or indoors where the Champagne tends to be cooler. Hovering next to the totes can be especially advantageous for studying the betting habits of veterans. This is also where you can up the chances of having them take you under their wing.

3. The Fashion
While we can’t all be winners with the fillies, we can potentially be winners when it comes to fashion. And while throwing your hat in the ‘Fashion in the Fields’ competition might seem like the stakes are high, with a little self-control, a lot of stylish refinement and very little in the way of ostrich feathers — this could well be your day.

4. The People
From Barry who runs the most successful horse syndicate in the country and the glamorous elderly woman who hasn’t missed a day by the track in her life, to the young whipper snappers trying their hand at a spot of betting and those simply there for a good time, you can rest assured that there is always a smorgasbord of dynamic characters present to make a day spent trackside one that is supremely colourful.


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