Seven signs that you’re a party bore

Ever wondered how you stack up when it comes to dinner party discussion or soirée small talk?

Whether you’ve been abandoned mid-conversation one too many times, left wondering how somebody with a drink in hand can really be that thirsty, or pondered what on earth goes on during four hour long bathroom breaks…perhaps it’s time to consider, are you the party bore?

1. Your closest acquaintances are hard to pin down, constantly introducing you to new people through friends but never sticking around to hear the conversation play out…matchmakers, forever on the go!

2. You’re always seated next to the dinner party straggler, despite having met everybody at the table multiple times.

3. Just when you’re getting to the good part about how you grew your own tomato tree out of season, they need a top up. Curious…

4. At the end of the evening you discover you know nothing about the person you’ve been seated next to.

5. You call noise control on the party you’re at.

6. You strongly believe nothing good ever happens after 10pm.

7.  You’re vegan.


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