5 tips for the modern road trip

Embark on your summer adventures armed with some essential tips to ensure a stress-free ride.

There’s an undeniable art to the modern road trip, and we’ve got the tips you need to make it as enjoyable as possible.

Holding your phone outside the window of the car will not increase your chances of obtaining internet connection, but it will increase the chances of you losing your phone. What you should do is keep your eyes out for the ol’ Spark phone boxes that have been converted into free WiFi zones. The boxes are a lovely shade of magenta.

2.Taking phone calls
Talking into the bottom of your phone like a walkie-talkie while driving does not constitute a hands-free system. Talking into the bottom of your phone like a walkie-talkie while someone else holds it however, does.

3.Staying Charged
Take the car-munist approach and share an in-car charger equally with all vehicle occupants, no matter their status in the vehicle hierarchy (clockwise rotation from the nearest birthday is good general practice). And when using your phone for the sole purpose of providing music, switch to flight mode to maintain a longer battery life.

4.The playlist 
Putting your library on shuffle says to everyone else in the car that they weren’t worth your time and consideration. Take time, put some thought into it, and for goodness sake arrange an AUX cord.

5.Re-live and learn
When it’s all over and the memory is even more distant than Huntly itself, look back on your various social media feeds and re-live your road trip. What did you learn for next time? Probably to encourage an open-toed footwear policy.


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