How to Winterise Your Pet

With the chilly conditions prompting us to rug up, it seems only fitting that the courtesy be extended to the four-legged creatures in your care. To suitably ‘winterise’ your pet, you need to:

1. Consider trading Buddy the Border Collie in momentarily. Opting instead for a cold weather savvy creature like a Karakachan Bear Dog. Putin has one, so you know this breed is prepped and primed for harsh, wintry conditions.

2. Invest in paw protectors, also known as pet shoes, or better yet, matching jumpers. The entertainment value alone will ensure Sophie the Siamese is warmed by how much joy she brings you. Or, at the very least, running away from your attempts will keep her safe from falling temperatures.

3. Make like the man who smuggled his best friend into a movie theatre under his shirt and strap the hound on your person. Bonus points for finding a BabyBjorn big enough for the task.


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