How to: Start a Slow Clap

Be the Pied Piper of applause and turn an awkward silence into an enthusiastic standing ovation.

Follow our easy few steps to build a single clap into a thundering crescendo.

Timing is everything
One needs a reason to start clapping – we’re not a bunch of trained seals that are easily entertained. Find an appropriate occasion where applause is called for.

Start slow and then rhythmically quicken your pace once you hear at least one other person join in. This will encourage others around you to begin clapping.

You need to start off strong and loud. And make sure you continue that way – no one will join in for a puny, half-hearted clap.

Look elated and inspired. You need to be persistent too; it may take others a little while to catch on.

Crowd control
Once you get the crowd eating out of the palm of your hand, throw in some dialogue like ‘well done’ or ‘bravo’. Now nod your head emphatically, look around and revel in the building applause, this great feat is something that can only be mastered by a chosen few, and you sir, are one of them.


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