How to: make the most of your tropical vacation

Up your game on your next tropical vacation.

A reprieve from the throes of winter is on everyone’s mind, and some are lucky enough to be packing their bags for a far-off Maldivian isle….or Fiji. Beware of the assumption, however, that embarking upon a highly anticipated tropical escape means that you’re able to sit back, unwind and enjoy the serenity. The evolution of 21st century holidaying dictates that merely reading a book and getting a tan lying down does not constitute holiday fulfillment. Here we make some suggestions on how to make your winter escape really count.

1. Document your holiday ad nauseam.
What’s the point in going all that way if it’s not to make all your friends and colleagues chartreuse with envy over your perfectly accomplished lifestyle? Be sure to regularly take photos, strategically including as much white sand, crystal clear water, palm trees etcetera in the frame as possible. Publish said photos with shameless frequency across all social media platforms.

2. Engage in local customs.
Kava ceremonies are a good example of how rewarding cultural activities can be when your range of motion is temporarily limited to sitting or lying down, whilst barely being able to form intelligible conversation. Learning the intricacies of voodoo practises can be useful upon your return home, when your insufferable neighbour decides to move out because that cat of hers, that used to relieve herself on your doormat, passes away from a sudden onset of diabetes.

3. Hire a golf cart.
An integral element in any meaningful vacation, the golf cart is invariably where all good holidays start; whether you’ve rolled it, submerged it or engaged in a hot and heavy romance on it, the golf cart is seminal to creating lasting memories during your island getaway.

4. Go zip lining.
All you need to do is look at Kimye’s pics of a recent Kardashian family sojourn to know that zip lining is the next big thing. Because nothing is more badass than a glorified flying fox.


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