Etiquette: How to shut down a pessimist

Keen to nip negativity in the bud? Here are three compelling (albeit uncommon) ways to thwart a Negative Nancy or Nigel in your midst.

1. Say…
With a fitting dose of sarcasm, “Wow, that sucks, but I’m pretty impressed with how positive you’ve managed to stay about the whole thing.” The awkward silence that will likely ensue is your cue to ‘spray and walk away’.

2. Fake a seizure…
And just when the pessimist in your midst begins to panic, pull them in and whisper, “you think you’ve got problems?”

3. Have a moist towelette handy…
The next time you’re on the receiving end of Negative Nancy’s woe-is-me tirades, hand one over. And when she asks why, politely reply that you heard that like misery, wet blankets love company so you found her a friend.


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