5 winter driving tips

Five tips to improve your winter driving and avoid embarrassment.

Attention avid motorists and self-declared professionals not all of us are Lewis Hamilton when it comes to driving in the snow. Heed these tips for safe seasonal driving to avoid roadside chagrin this winter.

1. It’s all about traction: follow the lines and stay in the tracks forged by those ahead of you. Get dedicated snow tires or chains and put something heavy in the boot – dead bodies are ideal.

2. Though passengers normally can’t get enough of your fervent demonstrations of professional cornering, such vigorous movements are not encouraged in more perilous conditions. Use small movements when breaking, turning and accelerating.

3. Remember that Four Wheel Drive  won’t save you. 4WD and AWD are great for helping you accelerate in through the snow, but they really do absolutely nothing to help you stop.

4. Check your traction on new surfaces. Spinning wheels aren’t like spinning rims; they won’t give you street cred, so test your upper rev limit on each new surface to avoid embarrassment.

5. Don’t drive in a snowstorm. No matter how bad the cabin fever is, it’ll be worse when you’re stuck in a ditch with no cellphone coverage.


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