The Manta Resort: Tanzania

7 of the world’s most outrageous underwater hotels

The idea of relaxing in a hotel room surrounded by marine life can seem far-fetched — the product of someone’s wild imagination. Nevertheless, there are plenty of spectacular hotels around the world that are up and ready, waiting for you to dive in. Here, we’ve rounded up the most luxurious ways to sleep with some fishy company.

1. Poseidon Undersea Resort, Fiji
Promising guests the utmost luxury, this yet-to-open subaquatic resort boasts two fine dining establishments, an inbuilt spa, library, theatre, conference room, wedding chapel and lavish fitness facilities that include a nine-hole executive golf course and tennis course — as if the surrounding wonders of the ocean weren’t enough. Register here to be notified when the resort starts taking reservations.

Poseidon Underwater Resort
Poseidon Underwater Resort, Fiji

2. Atlantis, The Palm: Dubai
The twin Poseidon and Neptune underwater suites in this luxury Dubai hotel offer some of the most coveted hotel views in the world. The floor-to-ceiling windows, in both the bedrooms and the bathrooms, serve up incredible panoramic views of Dubai’s Ambassador Lagoon, home to more than 65,000 exquisite marine inhabitants who will watch on as you do your ablutions.

3. Subsix at Per Aquum Niyama: Maldives
The beautiful resorts of the Maldives are awash with underwater features, from dining rooms to deluxe ensuites, but it’s Niyama Private Island’s sub-aquatic club that has us captivated. Subsix is an extravagant bar and restaurant, home to champagne breakfasts, gourmet dinners and thumping fêtes. The ‘Underwater Glow Parties’ incorporate a mashup of neon lighting and delectable cocktails, all with 360-degree views of the coral reef for a surreal underwater experience.

The Neptune Suite at Atlantis: Dubai

4. The Manta Resort: Pemba Island, Tanzania
This incredible three-level hotel suite, partly submerged 13 feet under the sea, is perfect for star gazing and sea-creature spotting alike. The underwater chamber is a glass-walled, marine lovers paradise, serving up around-the-room views of the stunning big blue, while the top deck offers the perfect spot for a blissful night under the stars. Click here for more information on this idyllic haven.

5. Resort World Sentosa: Singapore
The 11 two-storey Ocean Suites are without a doubt the most magnificent of rooms the World Sentosa resort has to offer. Looking directly into the worlds biggest aquarium exhibit, these high-end rooms are a front row seat to the Open Ocean Habitat, an underwater spectacle that houses over 800 species of marine life, including tropical fish, sharks and manta rays. The five-star comfort and personalized butler service is the cherry on an already marvelous cake. Bookings can be made here.

Subsix at Per Aquum Niyama
Subsix at Per Aquum Niyama: Maldives

6. Lovers Deep: St Lucia
Situated across an array of stunning Caribbean islands (including St Lucia) as a series of separate submarine hotels, ‘Lovers Deep‘ is an utterly romantic experience, compelling lovebirds to join the ‘mile low club’. The underwater hotel room comes with your very own crew, comprising a personal chef, a butler, and the captain, who stay in their own soundproof headquarters at the other end of the sub. The intimate setting serves plenty of aphrodisiacs — think oysters and champagne — making it a no-brainer for honeymooners.

7. Utter Inn Hotel: Vasteras, Sweden
The Utter Inn Hotel, designed by local artist Mikael Genberg, is a quirky underwater cabin situated near Stockholm on the freshwater Lake of Mälaren. A unique twist on underwater chambers, this unassuming lodge is an unusual insight into Swedish living. While the dainty wooden deck showcases panoramic views of the glorious natural surroundings, we recommend exploring the lake via boat.


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