A day of dog sledding

UnderDog comes out on top as the ultimate outdoor winter pursuit.

Encapsulating the magic of winter, a day spent dog sledding at the Wanaka Snow Farm is the perfect activity to complement your winter sojourn. Offering uninterrupted and breathtaking vistas of alpine scenery with nothing but the sound of your sled on fresh snow to accompany this exhilarating experience, UnderDog New Zealand provides a unique opportunity to interact with arguably the best cared for Alaskan pups on the planet.

Seasoned professionals, owners and operators, Curt and Fleur Perano have brought their expertise to the Southern Hemisphere where the concept of this exclusive sport is one of leisure rather than necessity. Their handsome bevy of Malamutes and Huskies are ready to chaperone you on with the capable canines promising an exceptional experience for the dog-loving and adventurous alike.

With various tours to choose from in only its second season of operation, there’s a sledding experience to suit everyone; from day to night to overnight, UnderDog offers an unforgettable experience that has the propensity to take your winter vacation to the next level.

UnderDog NZ

(027) 516 5502



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