A top international designer is giving free advice on Instagram

If you don’t know Stefan Sagmeister, we recommend a quick online stalk. One half of New York’s formidable Sagmeister & Walsh, he is the designer, artist, typographer, TED talker, filmmaker, author and all-round creative, responsible for some of the most influential design and social projects of our time.

As famous for his personal work as he is his campaigns, the award-winning creative has recently begun a new program, offering budding designers advice via Instagram. Welcoming international creatives to send him one of their logos via email, he then reviews them on his own account, posting suggestions or solutions on how they can improve.

An incredible project that allows us a glimpse into the mind of one of modern design’s most revered creatives, take a look through Sagmeister’s page here, or better yet, upload a piece for review. With seriously impressive advice — the type that makes you go, ‘why didn’t I think of that?’ — it is a contemporary masterclass in graphic design.


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