These three-legged chairs are the unique design feature your home is calling for

A chair, even one without the expected four legs, is still a chair. And if current styles are anything to go by, the three-legged incarnations appearing in projects by the biggest names in design are taking on their quadruped cousins in style. The 0414 Chair by Gallotti & Radice for example, is sleek and understated and anchored by a single back leg that is the width of the two front ones combined, ensuring practical stability while maintaining a unique edge. Or Resident’s Isabella chair, whose three, delicate legs support its luxuriously cushioned, curved seat with an effortless appeal.

Left to right: Isabella Chair by Simon James for Resident from Simon James Design, 0414 Chair by Gallotti & Radice – enquiries to ECC, Portofino Outdoor dining armchair from Coco Republic, Botolo dining chair by Cini Boeri for Arflexfrom Studio Italia


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