The infamous Grey Gardens is up for sale

The 1975 documentary, Grey Gardens, was a morose portrait of mother and daughter, ‘Big’ and ‘Little’ Edie Beale, and their reclusive life in a towering East Hampton mansion. A haunting film that tracked the once upper-class duo’s saddening slide into squalor. Both, at one time considered great high society beauties, the Edies (who were direct relatives of Jackie Kennedy), were an enigmatic pair that turned to isolation, and the film immortalised them forever.

Now, some 40 years on, their home, Grey Gardens, is up for sale. Gone are the racoons, cats, fleas and heaving piles of garbage that covered the floors in their day, replaced long ago by all the Hampton-appropriate additions. Seven bedrooms, an enormous swimming pool and sprawling garden, all tucked just off the beach; the grand mansion, listed at US$19.95 million is so far removed from the Edies’ abode that the only thing reminiscent of their lives there is perhaps the address.


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