Good feng shui and 4 other reasons your interior needs these circular lights

Lighting is, without a doubt, one of the most important components of any house. Strategically placed fixtures that cast a warm glow make a space sing — which is where these Circus lights (floor light, 250, 750 and 500) by Resident Studio come in. Eye-catching and undeniably unique, while their futuristic forms might not be conventional, they have an elegant presence that offers a refined touch for interiors. If you need convincing (we didn’t) these are the reasons why these lights should be your next design investment.

They’re versatile…
The distinct shapes of these circus lights don’t limit their applications. With thin circumferences in soft, matte gold and a nature that is both sculptural and subtle they remain inherently understated. Whether you choose to have them as a floor lamp, give them pride of place as a contemporary chandelier or hang them quietly in the corner, the beauty of these lights is that they offer a wide range of configurations that really allow the user to make them their own.

They speak to your design prowess…
Nothing like a thoughtful light fixture to tell people (without actually saying it) that you know design. It’s a laid-back statement of thinking outside the box — so to speak — that tells guests you aren’t afraid to step away from convention, in the most unpretentious way possible.

They’re a conversation starter…
Speaking of guests, if you are entertaining people and conversation starts to feel forced, a desperate gaze up will almost certainly incite discussion about your new Circus 500 pendant — at least until you think of something else to talk about.

They’re made in New Zealand…
This is important. Supporting local artisans and creative industries is crucial to their continuation in this country. It’s just as important from the perspective of helping people to keep their jobs (whether those be in design or manufacturing) as it is for our reputation as a nation that produces some of the most cutting-edge, intriguing design in the world.

They’ll bring you wealth…
According to ancient feng shui principles, having the circle shape in the home promotes wealth, as well as providing mental clarity and an attitude of preciseness. It all, apparently, comes down to the flow of energy and how the circle creates movement as opposed to harsh, rectangular shapes that, when used too prolifically, result in a more static, stifling energy.

Resident Studio’s Circus Lights are available locally from Simon James Design.

Simon James Design

61 Upper Queen Street

09 377 5556


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