XXX by Steve Messam
XXX by Steve Messam
Mellerstain House and Gardens

This Scottish sculpture installation has captured our attention

Set within the grounds of Scotland’s grand, 18th-century Mellerstain House and Gardens, the Borders Sculpture Park has just opened, and if the first installation is anything to go by — it’s going to be exquisite. Created by ‘environmental artist’ Steve Messam, the work entitled ‘XXX’ consists of three enormous inflatable artworks that connect with the landscape. Spikes poke out the top of one historical building, while white balloon-like columns protrude from another. Over on theresidence’s sprawling pond, floating ‘bubbles’ round off the installation. A striking contrast of then and now, if a Scottish sojourn just so happens to be on the cards, it’s well worth the visit. If not, the artist’s website should surely suffice.


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