These glistening light fixtures will elevate your interior to elegant new heights

When searching for the cherry on the cake that is your interior, we usually find ourselves turning to the experts at Sarsfield Brooke. The newest addition to their treasure trove of illuminating fixtures, the Sforzinda collection, is a series of two exquisite light fixtures that will get the room glowing in more ways than one.

Captivating, mesmerising, and seemingly inspired by out space, the Sforzinda lighting features are fashioned from fine quality Murano glass. Created in the shapes of precious crystals, each transparent boule is handcrafted and shaped perfectly using the pliers’ technique, before being resurrected in either the chandelier form or the wall light. Both are complemented by the black burnished brass to which the boules are fixed, creating a refined aesthetic when dimmed and a crisp bathing glow when lit.

As the nights get darker and the evenings simultaneously become cosier, we’re picking light fixtures like this are just the ticket to a tranquil winter’s dusk.

Sarsfield Brooke Ltd.

165 The Strand

(09) 377 1502


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