Clockwise from bottom: Sophie armchairs, Ivonne sofa, Raoul side table, Callas armchairs, Margot side table, Gabriel side table, Simon modular sofa and Cyrano central table by Opera Contemporary from Sarsfield Brooke
Simon modular sofa, Sophie armchair and Cyrano central table by Opera Contemporary from Sarsfield Brooke
Oscar dining table and Louise dining chairs by Opera Contemporary from Sarsfield Brooke
Ferdinand sofa, Gabriel side table and central table by Opera Contemporary from Sarsfield Brooke

This new collection is injecting the modern home with a touch of luxury

In between the popularity of the pared-back aesthetic and the rise of minimalist interiors, the idea of the living room as a space for ultimate comfort has become lost somewhat in the pursuit of trend-driven design. Reminding us that the two ideas need not be mutually exclusive, while also saying that a touch of opulence is altogether necessary for any living space, Sarsfield Brooke’s new intake of Opera Contemporary embodies the perfect mix of modern minimalism and old-school luxury.

Ivonne sofa, Raoul side table and central table, Sybil mirror and Victor sideboard by Opera Contemporary from Sarsfield Brooke

Including a number of sofas, tables, dining chairs and armchairs, the new pieces play on linear contrast, as soft, rounded corners and circular motifs meet stoic, straight lines to offer precise, elegant balance. Simple silhouettes are enhanced by sumptuous fabrics and rich colours, as the furniture’s inviting nature and subtle presence make for a refined space that envelops all those who enter.

Left: Raoul server table | Right: Fritz stool, Raoul server table and Ludmilla side table by Opera Contemporary from Sarsfield Brooke

True to its longstanding reputation as a purveyor of the finest Italian furnishings, Opera Contemporary proves with this new collection that maintaining its meticulous attention to detail and timeless sensibility will continue to see it transcend trends and offer enduring pieces that need not bow to fickle flights of fancy.

Opera Contemporary is available locally from Sarsfield Brooke.

Sarsfield Brooke

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