The QLED on the Studio Stand

Why Samsung’s new QLED TV is breaking ground in both technology and design

Each year, new acronyms are born from CES, the international tech convention held in Las Vegas, which we can thank for TV jargon such as ‘4K’ or ‘OLED’. At this year’s event, industry leader Samsung coined the mother of all code words: ‘QLED’. Pronounced as two syllables (‘Q-led’), it has quickly made it to the tip of the tongues of those in the know when it comes to picture quality.

The QLED on the Gravity Stand

The first of its kind to offer 100% colour volume — we could elaborate on Quantum dot technology and how it works, but in a nutshell we’re talking full colour saturation, even in extreme light — Samsung’s new QLED TV is bringing to life a whole new TV-watching experience. If you dial up the brightness on a conventional TV set, or tend to enjoy your viewing in a setting which catches our low New Zealand sun, you’ll be familiar with the first world problem that is a distorted, washed out image. Samsung’s world-class technology negates any loss in picture quality by ensuring rich colours withstand full exposure to our harsh antipodean rays. Furthermore, QLED units are manufactured with multiple anti-reflective layers to diffuse the reflection from natural and artificial light, delivering what is unequivocally, the crispest and brightest image you can experience today.

One Remote Control

Ultra quick to set up (consumer studies revealed that the average time taken to mount one on the wall was a mere 15 minutes), with a ‘plug-in-and-go’ installation of your Sky box, Apple TV and Xbox that requires no setup, all your favourite external sources immediately appear on-screen, easily controlled by Samsung’s slick One Remote. What’s more, there’s only one fibre optic cord, QLED’s Clear Connect Cable, to replace the typical jumble, as well as a series of slick, style-forward stands to choose from — ones that actually look good in your home. Destined to become synonymous with the pinnacle of TV technology, Samsung’s QLED is without a doubt, the new industry benchmark.


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