Samsung’s latest creation represents a new breed of chameleon televisions

For a long time, TVs and all their auxiliary accoutrements were the bane of the aesthete’s living environment. But modern times have birthed design-driven technology that aims to be as inconspicuous as possible. For Samsung, this directive has led to the design of a TV that is, if you can believe it, damn near invisible. Thanks to some seriously smart strides in technology, the leading brand has birthed the 4K QLED TV that blends into the background when you’re not watching it.

Employing a feature they’ve dubbed ‘ambient mode’, the TV projects the same texture as the wall behind it using a high-quality image, taken on your phone that is then synced via an app. The ultra-sleek screen can then camouflage into the background, rendering it arguably the most discrete TV on the market. Boasting the high-definition picture quality properties of its QLED products as well as Samsung’s easy to use smart interface, it would seem this inconspicuous new model marks the future of TVs.


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