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Rock solid

Oh how we’ve strained to bring you the chiselled specimens you need to make a rock solid impression, all day, every day. From a stony stage ready to provide the perfect juxtaposition to delicate baked treats to marble-inspired accessories that will no doubt withstand the test of time, for a rock hard result, these are the bulletproof pieces we can’t get enough of.

Slide one, clockwise from top left:
Super notebook from Superette.
Design Ministry cushions from Superette.
Karman Settenani Brontolo pendant from ECC.
Marble Basics round tray from Superette.
Established & Sons Lighthouse lamp from Simon James Design.
Tom Dixon stone cake stand from Simon James Concept Store.
Square by Nonn journal table from Simon James Design.

Slide two, clockwise from top left:
Sophie Buhai jewellery from Simon James Concept Store.
Kelly Wearstler Melange coasters from Cavit & Co.
Soapstone pencils from Father Rabbit.
Jet Trivet from The Studio of Tableware.
Tom Dixon stone candle holder from ECC.
Marble Basics Essentials Box from Superette.
Amare Serving Set from Anna by Rablabs.

Slide three, clockwise from top left:
Round by Nonn journal table from Simon James Design.
Tom Dixon stone spice grinder from ECC.
Lia bottle stopper from Anna by Rablabs.
Tom Dixon Cast Mini Jack paperweight from Simon James Concept Store.
Vibia Empty LED outdoor light from ECC.
Kelly Wearstler Monolith side table from Cavit & Co.
Tetu kettle by An Astute Assembly, brand available at The Shelter.

Slide four, clockwise from top left:
Mason Chidgey vase from The Poi Room.
Menu marble mirror from Simon James Concept Store.
Tom Dixon marble candle holder from ECC.
Stoned Crystals Love Triangle from Superette.
Baleri pouf from Backhouse.
Whisky stones from The Studio of Tableware.


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