Resene’s ‘Glow In The Dark Galaxy Wall’ is the ultimate kids bedroom décor

Coming up an with original way to decorate your child’s bedroom is not always easy — the world is their oyster, where four walls serve as a blank canvas for total self-expression. For young ones who love all things outer-space, however, Resene’s ‘Glow in the Dark Galaxy Wall’ is a perfect choice. With a base colour of deep, intergalactic blue, on which Resene’s magical glow in the dark product is applied, you can create a luminous feature wall that’s truly out of this world. Here’s how…

You will need Resene testpots in Resene Alabaster and Resene Blue Lagoon, Resene FX Nightlight, cardboard, masking tape and three paint brushes.

1. Use a round plate or something similar to draw a circle in the middle of the cardboard.
2. Cut the cardboard in half and cut along the circle of each half. Tape together to create the circle cut out in the middle. This will be your moon template.
3. Tape the cardboard to the wall, and roughly paint with Resene Blue Lagoon. Leave to dry.
4. Repeat with Resene Alabaster. For the Resene FX Nightlight shines brightly in the dark, it needs to have a white background behind it. Leave to dry.
5. Touch up with Resene Blue Lagoon to create the craters. Leave to dry. We painted two more moons, using Resene Sunshade and Resene Juniper.
6. Apply the Resene FX Nightlight. For the best result, apply three coats, leaving 45 minutes-1 hour between coats.
7. Leave it to ‘charge’ in UV light during the day, and enjoy your new galaxy wall at night when the lights go off.

Watch the video below for more.

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