This refined Lisbon apartment pays homage to 70s sensibilities

Inspired by the loungey photos of Slim Aarons and the kaleidoscopic prints of David Hicks, acclaimed interior designer Cristina Jorge de Carvalho sought to capture the textural busyness of 70s interiors in this urban apartment. Where the 70s got it wrong in sickly colours and exaggerated silhouettes, however, de Carvalho injects a distinctly modern edge, so as to create a space where retro elements are given a cool, contemporary treatment. The resulting home is a study in blended styles.

The blue Arflex Elettra armchair and Knoll Platner table sit alongside custom pieces designed by Carvarlho

Fluffy fabrics, velvet touches and prolific patterns fill the elegant living areas, where simple wood and travertine provide a neutral backdrop for the carefully considered furnishings. Brushes of blue and green connect each space, from the patterned rug, and an opulent feature chair, to the artwork chosen for the walls in the dining room and entranceway.

The beauty of this apartment lies in its ability to give the illusion of spaces that are independent of one another while remaining connected. Two understated, contemporary sofas take pride of place in the sitting room, while a pair of low-slung, mid-century-inspired leather armchairs are set in front of the fireplace nearby. This strategic use of furniture creates separate moments within the open-plan communal space, showing how effective it can be to experiment with opposing aesthetic ideas.

The sumptuous bedroom features an upholstered inset bed and retro-inspired floral curtains

Ensuring the interiors felt eminently luxurious, de Carvalho employed rich materials throughout, covering one of the bathrooms entirely in marble and using the veiny stone for coffee and side tables. Leaving no surface undecorated, ornamental vases, bowls and sculptures act as sophisticated adornments for the apartment’s many shelves and tables, as iridescent accents of brushed gold work with darker tones of black and brown offer superb finishing touches.

An impeccable example of balanced design and composed luxury, this apartment simultaneously embodies old-school opulence and modern minimalism, walking the line between the two with sure-footed finesse.


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