This beachfront estate, once owned by Pablo Escobar, is Tulum’s best-kept secret

One thing is for sure, Pablo Escobar may have done many a terrible thing in his time, but acquiring property was not one of them. And I say that now because one such piece of land, that was abandoned after he died in 1993, has not only been rediscovered, but the seemingly preserved-in-time estate has been completely transformed into an impeccable beachfront hotel.

Renovated by New York-based art dealer Leo Malca, the original nine-bedroom abode now boasts 35 suites. With white walls and polished concrete floors, the estate is entirely filled with Malca’s extensive art collection. A stunning range that, along with the furniture, frequently rotates as to avoid damage from humidity, it guarantees a new experience on every visit.

With an underground steam room leading directly to one of the three pools, a bar lined with Keith Haring-themed wallpaper, the incredible beachfront location, and we don’t even need to mention the lush, green backdrop, it’s safe to say we’re already planning a trip. This Mexican getaway was up until recently, Tulum’s best-kept secret.



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