This captivating furniture is sure to become a conversation starter

There are few materials more beautiful, enduring and versatile than glass, and one firm that specialises in putting this medium to good use is Reflex. Debuting their striking furniture designs in New Zealand for the first time thanks to local interior aficionados Sarsfield Brooke, the showroom has just received a range of the Italian brand’s unique pieces. Included in the delivery is the fanciful Aenigma coffee table, bringing its own sense of fun to the occasion with a curvy matte black base; the Foulard side tables and console seemingly suspended from the air like a tablecloth with no sense of gravity; the Leaf lamp, a delicate pendant comprising a myriad glass pieces bearing a similar sense of weightlessness; along with many more pieces drawing us in to the Parnell design mecca in order to embellish our home.

The new Reflex collection can be viewed at the Sarsfield Brooke showroom, Level 1, 165 The Strand, from Thursday 2nd March.

Sarsfield Brooke

165 The Strand

(09) 377 1502


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