This exquisite side table proves that a perfect interior is all in the details

In the world of interiors, the simple side table often occupies the role of unsung hero. Tasked with being the final detail or finishing touch in a space, it might be the last step but the value it inevitably adds to any room should never be underestimated.

Take this superb iteration by LyZadie Design Studio, for example. Inspired by the meandering, braided rivers of our breathtaking South Island, the Flow side table showcases the epitome of Kiwi craftsmanship. Fashioned from a piece of rescued river Rimu and featuring a beautiful vein of molten brass across its top, this table is not only elevated by its unique aesthetic, but also by its sustainable message. Operating from an ethos of minimal environmental impact, LyZadie’s entire design approach is geared towards giving back to the environment rather than simply taking from it. Via a creative use of rescued and raw materials, a commitment to keeping everything handcrafted in New Zealand and by ensuring a level of control over the environmental impact through the entire production process, this brand is telling a story with every piece.

So you see, this is how a side table becomes so much more than ‘just’ a finishing touch or practical necessity. The Flow side table will reliably hold your coffee table books, cups of tea, afternoon snacks and various curios, but it will also represent your design prowess and speak to your support of important sustainable practices. And it’s that kind of detail that makes all the difference…

LyZadie Design Studio


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