Monochrome Magic
The Zoo Keeper
Head in the Clouds
Rock 'n' Roll

These dreamy kids’ bedroom design ideas are sure to please your wee poppet

We're on a mission to transform boring kids' bedrooms into magical spaces that don't scrimp on style.

We thought the days of bedrooms bursting at the seams with gender typical hues would never end. Thankfully taking their place are the classy spaces decked with details that are sure to plant the seed of style and guarantee your little one’s fashionable future. Distinct, stimulating and telling of your precious bundle’s personality, from the cool classic monochrome to sleek white and punchy animal accents, we’ve compiled a few of our favourite themes with a list of necessary accoutrements to bring the bold, magical spaces to life in your home.

Monochrome Magic
Festoon lights from Iko Iko
Wilson & Frenchy bunny rug from Father Rabbit
Burrow & Bestar pillowcase from Beau Monde Babe
Felt tub basket from Collected by Leeann Yare
Oyoy panda money bank Superette
Magis Rocky rocking horse from ECC
Sisal rug from Artisan Flooring
Framed bear print from Father Rabbit

The Zoo Keeper
Challieres Volière Grande pendant from ECC
Eames elephant stool from Matisse
Paper native garland from Iko Iko
Stokke home bed from Dimples
Mushroom light from Nature Baby
Cavallini dinosaur poster from Iko Iko
Washed linen quilted blanket from Citta Design

Head in the Clouds
Kate and Kate baby blanket from Superette
Magis wire mesh bird from ECC
Stokke sleep mini from Dimples
Loft light from Superette
Tom Dixon Offcut stool from ECC
Mini cloud light from Nature Baby
Kartell H-Horse from Backhouse
Sweetheart bear pillowcase from The Poi Room

Rock ‘n’ Roll
Oyoy circle rug from Superette
Dutten bear pillow from The Gathered Store
Wilson & Frenchy bunny rug from Father Rabbit
Prince Kokeshi doll from So Beau Baby
Neon Poodle thunder struck neon from Superette
Plyhome junior bed from So Beau Baby
Monkey balloon money bank from The Cool Hunter Shop
Oh So Lucky print from Superette



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