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Revive your backyard (or your balcony) with the design brand of the moment

And just like that, we’re in spring. While we would love to harp on about how the year has gone so fast, questioning how on earth we’re fully into September already, instead, we’ll just focus on one thing: prepping for entertaining outdoors. That being said, we figured it’s high time we gave our al fresco furnishings a new season overhaul, and it’s acclaimed brand Kettal that’s delivering all the design inspiration we need.

Refined, textural and utterly timeless, Kettal’s pieces are instantly recognisable; the accoutrements du jour for those who want to elevate their backyard. At once simple and attention-grabbing, it’s the interlacing patterns — in everything from tight-knit weaves to blocky grids — of the furniture that take reign as the focal point.

While the collections work ultimately as one, it’s their ability to blend seamlessly with one another that’s the serious drawcard here. The Vimini interwoven wicker set looks fantastic, of course, when paired with its familial counterparts, yet it would also lend a modernistic aesthetic when paired alongside the wisteria hues of the Bitta outdoor dining chair. It’s Kettal’s consistent dedication to encouraging experimentation that has us turning to the brand time and time again — and this year’s no different.

To discover more of Kettal’s outdoor collections visit Studio Italia, online or instore, where the fresh collections are now available from the showroom floor. 

Studio Italia

25 Nugent St

09 523 2105


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